If you want to go on a holiday or a vacation but you do not seem to have enough money, then here are 5 budget travel tips:

1.Start Saving Early

If you plan on going somewhere you want to start saving up between 10 months to a year toward your trip. This would help you with a lot of financial stress.

2.Visit Countries Or Cities Where You Have Family or Friends

When you visit places where you have friends or family, you can save up some hotel costs by staying with them throughout your trip. If that isn’t possible, they can also suggest really affordable places where you can stay. Also, visiting places where you have family and friends means you get to eat with them, and this can save you some cash on food.

3.Try Out All-Inclusive Packages

Getting an all-inclusive package is a great way to save up while at a resort. Besides covering your hotel room, and food, an all-inclusive package, you get involved in most activities offered at a resort at a discount, which is a great way to save some cash when on a budget.

4.Look Out For Deals

Make use of any deals, or coupons offered by your hotel or resort, trust me, it really adds ups.

5.Book AirBnBs

If the city you are visiting has AirBnB services, then you should book an Airbnb instead of a hotel. This is because most Airbnb homes offer you a kitchen where you can cook meals instead of going out to eat, which is expensive.

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