When we say “natural wonders of the world”, most of us will immediately think of the “Seven Natural Wonders”: the Grand Canyon, the Great Coral Reef, Guanabara Bay, Mount Everest, the Aurora Borealis, the Paricutin volcano, and Victoria Falls. However, there are plenty of natural wonders in the world that deserve this denomination due to their natural beauty.

The Mont Blanc, for example, is incredibly beautiful and astonishing. Same for the Rio Tinto in Spain: a surprising river that is completely red-colored. or the basaltic columns in Iceland that are the result of volcanic lava solidifying really fast.

The world is full of incredibly stunning landscapes and natural phenomenons, and that is why we should always aim to travel as much as we can: so we can partake in the beauty of the world and be astonished about its beauty and grandiosity. It can help you feel very big, but also very small and it will enrich your spirit!

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