There’s nothing better than sightseeing on a trip or a family vacation! Here are a few tips to make your sightseeing experience the best it can be, regardless of your destination.


1) Don’t Forget Photos

You’ll be bummed if at the end of the trip, you realize you were too busy to take photos. Grab a camera or your phone and make sure it’s well charged and snap more photos than you think you’ll want.


2) Snacks and Water

A day of walking or being in a car or train can wear on your. Make sure you have energy appropriate snacks (healthy fats, good carbs, and protein!) and lots of water to keep yourself going all day.


3) Don’t Make Everyone Join

If you’re with a group or family members that are old enough to safely stay by themselves, don’t drag anyone along who doesn’t want to go. Just because you want to see something doesn’t mean your friend or spouse does, so try to compromise to avoid someone feeling like they wasted a day that wasn’t any fun for them.

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